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Central Control and Monitoring


Irrigation central control systems enable the control, monitoring and operation of multiple sites from one central location. The central control software allows the end user to set up programs and monitor numerous irrigation sites from a single PC.

Most central control systems can monitor and adjust an individual irrigation program based on data collected locally from sensors, e.g. Evapotranspiration (ET) sensors - increase run times during unseasonably hot weather. In addition, the systems are capable of collecting information from flow sensors that provide feedback which trigger automatic adjustments to be made, e.g shutting down zones in the event of pipe breaks. Most systems will also provide historical data to allow analysis and reporting of water use and climatic conditions.

Watermatic Irrigation can design and install complete central control systems. We work closely with our manufacturer representatives to ensure our clients are trained and understand their systems. Additionally we can take over the complete monitoring of the system post installation from our office.


We have access to and experience with the following products:

  1. Hunter IMMS
  2. Cloudmaster by Jeffrey Electronics
  3. Rainbird
  4. Toro - SitePro
  5. Motorola Irrinet
  6. Netafim CMT

Case Studies

  • Central Control – Barker College
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