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Storm Water Harvesting


Watermatic Irrigation recognizes the importance of harvesting as much water for re-use as is practical. Since 2007 we have been working with decision makers and asset managers to achieve this goal.

We work with our clients to design complete systems that will capture, store, filter and deliver water so they can reduce their dependence on potable water. Systems we have installed have reduced potable water demand by up to 3 megalitres per year in some cases.

We also work with head contractors, forming part of a larger team when delivering major projects.

A typical storm water harvesting system will consist of an off-take structure to capture the water and filter gross pollutants. The water will usually be transferred via gravity or pump to a storage tank and then further filtered through screen or media and then UV disinfection. The system will have a control panel to operate each component and allow data collection and monitoring.

Watermatic Irrigation has experience completing civil works associated with this type of work, e.g. excavation, drainage, pipe laying, concrete works, plant room construction, project management.


We have experience in delivering projects in the following areas:

  1. Storm water Harvesting Systems
  2. Pump Systems
  3. Media or Screen Filtration
  4. UV Disinfection
  5. Custom Built Control Panel
  6. Data Collection

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