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Water is critical to plant growth. Your irrigation system should be efficient in its water use. A poorly designed system is just as capable of delivering excessive amounts of water as it is of delivering too little water or water to the wrong parts of your garden. It can be more costly to run and cost more to install.

Watermatic Irrigation will design a system unique to your garden’s needs. Our design takes into account:

  • Soil type
  • Plant selection
  • Your landscaping
  • Council requirements
  • Land slope
  • Available water pressure and flow
  • Budget

All members of our team have broad, practical experience in the design and installation of water management solutions.


We have experience in the following areas:

  1. Drip Irrigation
  2. Sprinkler Irrigation
  3. Irrigation Pumps, Pond Pumps
  4. Filters
  5. Plastic Tanks, Metal Tanks, Concrete Tanks
  6. Automatic Irrigation Controllers
  7. Rain Sensors

Capture, Store and Deliver

Our knowledge of tanks, pumps, sensors and irrigation equipment means we can design a complete water management system. This will efficiently capture rainwater, store, filter and deliver it according to your garden needs. Ultimately, this system will save you time and money and deliver a healthy, enjoyable garden.

The Process

The process for installing an irrigation system is:

DIY Installation

  • Come into the store for advice
  • Watermatic Irrigation can provide a basic sketch or a complete CAD design, depending on your needs
  • We help you select the required products to purchase and install yourself

Installation Service

  • Consultation
  • Free on site consultation
  • Watermatic Irrigation prepares a Scope of Works
  • Quote and Scope of Works is agreed, contract signed and deposit paid


  • Our foreman is introduced to you
  • Installation stage commences with regular payments
  • Handover once the job is completed
  • Final payment made
  • As Built Drawing supplied, as required


  • Watermatic Irrigation provide regular maintenance. Please click here for further information on our regular maintenance

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