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We help Australia to grow

Watermatic provides water wise irrigation solutions for people who like to work smart. We achieve outstanding results due to high-quality products, industry knowledge, and excellent customer support.

We offer advanced irrigation solutions for a range of applications, from commercial and government projects to residential and maintenance services. Our proven irrigation systems help to preserve natural water resources, and our innovative technology systems provide seamless control in any environment.
At Watermatic, we help Australia to grow through Smart Irrigation:
  • Commercial and government projects
  • Residential irrigation solutions
  • Irrigation system maintenance 

Australia's trusted Irrigation Specialists

Watermatic is a recognised leader in smart water management solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of irrigation products, expert advice, and reliable installation services for commercial and residential applications. With over 100 years of combined experience, you can rely on us for exceptional workmanship and tailored service delivery.

Watermatic has the industry knowledge and technical expertise needed to capture, store, and deliver water solutions. We offer effective irrigation solutions and provide efficient installation services. Our trusted professional team is fully licensed and certified, and we guarantee all products and services to ensure your full satisfaction.


The Watermatic Advantage

Professional passion - We believe in the power of water and the importance of efficient irrigation solutions. All members of the Watermatic team have been carefully selected based on their professional approach and passion for excellence.

Knowledge culture - We invest in knowledge and believe in access to information. Our team members have a core professional role and a willingness to grow through in-house training, external support and manufacturer specific training.

Industry experience - With over 100 years of water management experience, our knowledge base stretches beyond irrigation and pumping to horticulture and greenkeeping, among other disciplines.

Innovation and technology - We always strive to improve in order to find the best possible solutions. Watermatic believes in the power of innovation, with new technologies and workplace processes adopted to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Our team is built on trust, partnership and experience

The Team


James Simpson-Lee

James has a great interest in water management and a passion for irrigation. He began in the industry at a local nursery, before assisting in the establishment of a residential landscape and irrigation company based at the nursery. Watermatic Irrigation was birthed in 1999, initially only contracting installation works. In 2002, James opened the first Watermatic store in Hornsby. Since then, he has grown the business and it is now the leader in the irrigation and water management industry.

Over the years, James has gained a plethora of experience, not only in irrigation, but project management and estimating. His participation and management of projects in storm water harvesting, pumps and filtration stations, water processing and general installations to a wide variety of clientele makes him one of the most qualified and experienced irrigation installers in Sydney.

James sits on the board of the Sydney Regional Committee of Irrigation Australia, whilst also being involved in the Landscape Contractors Association of NSW. He is committed to seeing a more measured and scientific approach to water management for irrigation use – an ideal held with great value at Watermatic. He also feels strongly about seeing the professional identity of the industry raised.

Looking to the future, James’ passion is to utilise the experience he has acquired in over 20 years in the industry to create the most water efficient projects possible. He is excited and driven by the fact that there is so much improvement that can be made when it comes to use of water. He relishes the opportunity to work with his clients to develop an efficient and effective watering system whether it be in domestic gardens, new developments, municipal parks and gardens or general open space areas.

Operations Manager

Robert D’Hyon

In 2002, Robert was a key member of the team when Watermatic’s first store opened in Hornsby. Since then, he has been an integral part of the business and, as the Operations Manager, currently oversees all day to day operations both on site and in store.

Robert has a great deal of knowledge and experience in sales, product ranges, pumps and filtration, design and installation of irrigation systems.

Robert enjoys working with a highly professional team to meet the challenges of the irrigation and water management industries. He strives to exceed his customers’ expectations and is proud of that commitment.

Small Works Project Manager

Jarrod Arps

With an extensive background in turf management, Jarrod was introduced to irrigation early in his career. He understands that correct water distribution is a cornerstone of overall plant health and has an intimate knowledge of soil profiles and the way water and nutrients move within various soil types.

Jarrod joined Watermatic as the Project Manager of the small works team and brought a great deal of experience in managing a team. His role involves overseeing jobs ranging from residential installations and service work through to council contracts and stormwater harvesting.

Jarrod values the relationships that he and his team create with their clients and he is passionate about providing them with unmatched service. Equally important, however, is the quality of the solutions his team provide to their end user.

Commercial Project Manager

Adam Wright

Adam is Watermatic’s Commercial Project Manager, coming onboard in 2019. He joined our ranks with a wealth of experience, having been in the industry for over 25 years.

He began as a landscape apprentice before commencing his career as an irrigation contractor. In 2003 he moved into the retail side of irrigation and worked as a store/branch manager at various outlets for 11 years.

Recently, Adam has worked on many high profile, large scale installation jobs in the public and private sector. Adam enjoys the challenge of delivering projects on time and on budget with a key focus on developing those around him.

Office Manager

Edwina Arps

Edwina has been Watermatics Office Manager since September 2019, with over 20 years of administration background she brings vast experience to the role and to the team. With experience in Front Office management Edwina is passionate about customer service and implementing procedures and systems to ensure an efficient workplace.

Edwina assists with managing the small works division’s schedule, residential installation contracts through to assisting the Director and Operations Manager in the day to day operations.

Edwina is committed to providing a high level of customer service to Watermatics customers and is proud of the relationships she has established with customers and the support she is able to provide to the team.

Senior Estimator

Sheldon Were

With experience working in water management since 1993, it is no wonder why Sheldon is one of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

His work over the years has ranged from sales in a family run business to installing irrigation with a multi-national landscaping organisation and preparing sites for the Sydney Olympics.

Currently, Sheldon draws on 27 years’ experience as Watermatic’s Senior Estimator. His vast expertise extends to urban irrigation, storm water harvesting, bore’s, pumps and filtration systems, water processing and general irrigation installations.

Procurement Manager

Matt Wright

Matt has been with Watermatic for almost 3 years since completing his studies. The majority of his work lies in sales and quoting as well as procurement and inventory management.

Although much of his time is spent in the office, Matt is passionate about efficient and responsible use of water and enjoys being a part of a team that deliver such systems. He enjoys working with customers to find the best possible solution to overcome their challenges.

In the long term, Matt is looking forward to continuing the good relationships we have with our customers and is keen to see the business grow to offer services to a greater client base.

Warehouse Manager

Pete Svenne

Pete commenced his role as Warehouse Manager with Watermatic in 2018. His role includes overseeing and managing the movement of stock within the business, aswell as the maintenance of the fleet vehicles,tools,plant and equipment as used by Watermatic service and commercial staff.

With a 30 year background in golf course maintenance, including a tenure as Superintendent Pete understands the importance of working in a small team environment and ensuring efficiency at all levels of the operation.

This is a very hands on role, which is one of Peete’s strengths. He enjoys his role and the ability to interact with staff, customers and contractors alike.

Since beginning at Watermatic he has worked hard at improving efficiency within the warehouse and our processes, with the view to improve our customers experience.


Nick Reynolds

Nick has always been passionate about horticulture. He is trained and experienced in the industry having spent many years in nurseries and garden maintenance. He joined the Watermatic team in 2017 and has relished the opportunity to work on residential projects in our Small Works team.

In his time at Watermatic, Nick has developed his knowledge and skills to become a highly qualified and experienced irrigation technician. He first obtained a Certificate III in irrigation before receiving distinguished awards in courses encompassing WIFI smart irrigation systems, garden lighting, Hydrawise controllers and more.

No job is too big nor too small for Nick - his work is his passion and he delights in the opportunity to provide clients with state-of-the-art irrigation systems and unmatched workmanship. He enjoys the unique details required to ensure optimal operation of a system and managing water from point A to B in the most efficient manner is the greatest reward for Nick.



Russell Craig

Russell spent 4 years in the plumbing industry before joining Watermatic in 2000 – our first and longest serving employee. He was drawn to the industry by an interest in the unique properties of water and the means in which it travels.

Russell has participated in countless jobs across all divisions over the last 20 years. He has been involved in many large-scale jobs, however he thrives in service work and pump troubleshooting – particularly problem solving in difficult situations. He is highly qualified with a Certificate III in irrigation, Otterbine qualification and many irrigation manufacturer awards.

Russell is passionate about seeing a job through to its completion and providing first class customer service. The knowledge that his client is satisfied with Watermatic’s work and the operation of their system is what Russell enjoys most about his job.


Jamie Watts

Jamie joined Watermatic in 2018. Having previously worked as a residential landscaper, he had the familiarity of working in residential gardens.

Already in possession of skills involving working with machinery, power tools and construction materials Jamie has now taken to irrigation with ease. He absorbs information and is a quick learner. He now draws on 3 years’ experience as he works on installing new and servicing old irrigation systems as well as working with pumps, tanks and filters.

Jamie is a natural problem solver and enjoys the challenge that irrigation design presents. He also takes pride in seeing the high-quality end product that he and the team have installed.


Billy Shao

An eagerness to learn and broaden his knowledge base are two hallmark characteristics of Billy. Since joining us in 2016, he has continued in his studies as he strives to reach the top of the industry. Billy has achieved a Diploma of Horticulture and Landscape Design and a Certificate III in Landscape Construction and Irrigation.

Billy’s attention to detail makes him a perfect fit in his role primarily in residential service work. He has a great deal of experience particularly in spray system maintenance. However not limited to this area, Billy is proud of his work in completing an installation at Warriewood Valley Sports complex. He is also multilingual and enjoys working with Cantonese speaking clients.

Billy is passionate about working with his customers to uncover new and intelligent ways to irrigate efficiently. He appreciates the opportunity he has to assist them achieve and maintain their dream garden.

Leading Hand

Kieran Glacken

Kieran was born and bred at Watermatic. His first taste of the industry came during his time doing work experience and a subsequent two-year traineeship. Following that, a 5 year hiatus preceded a return to Watermatic as a service technician in 2018. Kieran now heads up the commercial team as leading hand and is enjoying a different style of work.

Kieran has led the commercial team on numerous large scale installations including sports fields, hockey fields and large landscape sites. He is qualified in electrofusion welding and confined spaces as well as a Certificate II in irrigation.

Kieran is passionate about responsible use of water and therefore particularly enjoys being involved in the various stormwater harvesting projects that Watermatic takes on. He takes great satisfaction in turning on a newly installed system and observing the fruits of he and the teams’ labour.


Tim Worthington

A little over 18 months ago, Tim left his career in golf course maintenance to join Watermatic. He enjoys the new challenge it presents and is excited by the prospect of expanding his knowledge base and honing his skills on site.

Tim was an integral member of the Watermatic team that has installed irrigation systems at sports fields and race tracks.

Tim is passionate about providing the highest standard of workmanship to produce a quality product on every job. He enjoys being part of the Watermatic team that shares the same passion.

Mobile Shop Operator

Kaito Isobe

Since early 2018, Kaito has been busy in the Watermatic van supplying irrigation parts to landscapers and contractors in the suburbs of Sydney and beyond. When assisting his customers in finding the best solution to their brief, he draws on almost 3 years’ experience of his day to day operations in the van.

Being part of a new and innovative solution in the irrigation industry has fuelled Kaito’s passion for his role. He is pleased to be part of a service that conveniences our trade customers by saving them from coming to a shopfront.

Kaito possesses an infectious enthusiasm and is motivated to provide his customers with the highest level of service. He values the relationships he has created with regular mobile shop customers and always considers visits to new clients a highlight.