Central Control and WiFi

Watermatic specialises in smart irrigation solutions with centralised control. The irrigation controller is the brains of the irrigation system, with central or WiFi control offering remote programming, monitoring, alerts, and weather-based adjustments, among other functionality.

Our control systems can monitor and adjust individual irrigation programs based on data collected from local sensors, e.g., rain sensors, soil sensors, and weather stations. Most systems will also connect to external weather stations and download data over the internet. Whether information is collected from remote or site-specific sources, it enables intelligent decisions that save water, time and energy.
Data feedback gives you the option to automatically adjust or suspend irrigation events, and the freedom to monitor or shut down a system when irregular flow readings are noted. Full reporting and logging is available for most systems, which helps the end user to understand how the irrigation is performing. On large sites, labour savings gained from remote controlling and monitoring can be significant.
Watermatic has the knowledge and experience needed to design and install complete irrigation control systems. We work closely with our manufacturers and offer complete knowledge sharing and training for all relevant system components. Alternatively, we can take over full monitoring from our office once the installation is complete.
Allow us to help you through the process of selecting the best solution for your next project.